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Study of Random Variation in Germanium-Source Vertical Tunnel FET

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Study of Random Variation in Germanium-Source Vertical Tunnel FET


An optimally designed germanium-source vertical tunnel FET (V-TFET) is investigated using technology computer aided style simulation. Three consecutive band-to-band tunneling (BTBT) mechanisms (i.e., lateral, vertical, and extra vertical BTBT) are employed in the V-TFET to enhance its performance also to take care of a mean subthreshold slope below 60 mV/decade at three hundred K. The impact of varied V-TFET parameters on its performance is additionally investigated. Furthermore, the impact of threshold voltage variation ( ) because of random variability [e.g., line-edge roughness (LER) and random dopant fluctuation (RDF)] on the performance of the V-TFET is studied. The LER within the V-TFET is found that the electric field is increased by the LER in the source region, resulting within the generation of lucky methods, which will lead to increase . Without a gate-to-source overlap region within the V-TFET, RDF/LER-induced is significantly increased by a lateral tunneling mechanism. Therefore, the gate-to-supply overlap region within the V-TFET is critical to enhancing the performance and coming up with a variation-aware V-TFET. Last however not least, field-induced quantum confinement ends up in delay the onset voltage of the vertical BTBT, thus that the device performance and method-induced random variation (particularly, RDF) are considerably deteriorated.

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Study of Random Variation in Germanium-Source Vertical Tunnel FET - 4.9 out of 5 based on 45 votes

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