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Coordinated interference management for visible light communication systems

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Coordinated interference management for visible light communication systems


In this paper, we have a tendency to think about the performance of a visual light-weight communication (VLC) network with coordinated interference management. The VLC transmitters are allowed to coordinate their transmissions using one among two transmission schemes therefore as to maximize a network utility operate. In the primary technique, namely, orthogonal transmission, the utility operate is maximized by optimally partitioning all resources. In the second technique, namely, power control, the transmitters are allowed to share the total spectrum whereas being allowed to manage their power thus as to maximize network performance. In explicit, for every transmission technique, we have a tendency to optimize a general network utility function under the constraint of a desired illumination power for every VLC transmitter, taking into thought the optical signal clipping result thanks to the physical limitations of the VLC transmitters. For the facility control transmission scheme, we develop a computationally efficient technique for locating the optimal power values by deriving a computationally economical approach to get the achievable spectral potency region. Considering the summation and also the proportional fairness utility functions, our simulation results show that the optimal transmission scheme depends on the location of the VLC users and the desired illumination power. Also, we have a tendency to show the superiority of the performance of the facility control scheme over the orthogonal transmission theme for low interference regions.

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Coordinated interference management for visible light communication systems - 4.8 out of 5 based on 83 votes

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