Expression Control in Singing Voice Synthesis: Features, approaches, evaluation, and challenges


Within the context of singing voice synthesis, expression control manipulates a group of voice features related to a specific emotion, style, or singer. Also referred to as performance modeling, it's been approached from different views and for various purposes, and different projects have shown a large extent of applicability. The aim of this text is to produce an overview of approaches to expression control in singing voice synthesis. We tend to introduce some musical applications that use singing voice synthesis techniques to justify the requirement for an accurate control of expression. Then, expression is defined and related to speech and instrument performance modeling. Next, we tend to present the commonly studied set of voice parameters that may change perceptual aspects of synthesized voices. When that, we have a tendency to offer an up-to-date classification, comparison, and description of a selection of approaches to expression management. Then, we tend to describe how these approaches are currently evaluated and discuss the benefits of building a common analysis framework and adopting perceptually-motivated objective measures. Finally, we discuss the challenges that we currently foresee.

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