A Framework for Simultaneous Message Broadcasting Using CDMA-Based Visible Light Communications


Internet of Things applications are fast growing recently. One amongst the things that includes a lot of potential is the lighting equipment since it's widely utilized in our lifestyle. Recently, the technology of visible light communication (VLC) has been widely mentioned. VLC has many advantages, like freedom of license, line-of-sight security, and fewer health concern compared with radio-based mostly systems. In addition, the fast progress of light emitting diode (LED) technology by solid-state lighting permits VLC to be easily deployed and integrated with the prevailing lighting infrastructure at low costs. But, VLC, when integrated with lighting infrastructure, is sometimes for one-means communication and is highly sensitive to external interfering light. So, transmitting or broadcasting multiple messages simultaneously over a visible light channel while not any preprocessing might lead to serious collisions. During this paper, we tend to propose a framework to tackle these issues by optical code division multiple access (CDMA) for VLC. With our approach, a VLC receiver will enter an surroundings while not any prior configuration and will be designed with easy hardware. Even a mobile device with a high-resolution photodiode sensor will be used as a receiver. We have a tendency to demonstrate an application of indoor positioning by querying the placement service supplier on the Net with the IDs decoded from the received lightweight signals. The prototyping results reveal some communication properties of CDMA-based mostly VLC and its potential for indoor positioning applications.

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