Stochastic Reactive Power Management in Microgrids With Renewables


Distribution microgrids are being challenged by reverse power flows and voltage fluctuations thanks to renewable generation, demand response, and electric vehicles. Advances in photovoltaic (PV) inverters supply new opportunities for reactive power management provided PV homeowners have the proper investment incentives. During this context, reactive power compensation is considered here as an ancillary service. Accounting for the increasing time-variability of distributed generation and demand, a stochastic reactive power compensation theme is developed. Given unsure active power injections, an online reactive control theme is devised. This scheme is distribution-free and depends solely on power injection information. Reactive injections are updated using the Lagrange multipliers of a second-order cone program. Numerical tests on an industrial forty seven-bus microgrid and therefore the residential IEEE 123-bus feeder corroborate the reactive power management efficiency of the novel stochastic scheme over its deterministic various, with its capability to track variations in solar generation and household demand.

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