High-Order Resonant Converter Topology With Extremely Low-Coupling Contactless Transformers


Although a massive number of typical resonant converter topologies have been developed for use in contactless power transfer applications, these topologies need to be exactly optimized to get most potency and maximum power transferring capacity. High-order resonant power converters with versatile designs are invariably required to develop energy-economical and price-effective converter systems. An ideal converter topology can contribute toward realizing economical converter systems if it's capable of providing an optimized output that's insensitive to load variations, coupling coefficient, type of the wireless transformer used, and other operating conditions. This paper presents a new contactless power converter topology for an occasional-coupling (zero.fourteen) ferrite-core transformer that has low cost, tiny size, high efficiency, and a wide gap (20 mm). In addition, the merits and demerits of standard converter topologies are studied herein, and results for these topologies are compared with those for the proposed converter topology.

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