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Maximizing SCM Content of Blended Cements

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Maximizing SCM Content of Blended Cements


Nowadays, Portland cement substitutes called supplementary cementitious materials or SCMs are used to boost the performance while reducing the environmental footprint of concrete. There are many factors that impact the number of SCMs that can be added to concrete while maintaining its basic integrity. This paper describes a newly developed framework for optimizing the substitution of cement with SCMs in concrete. This framework has been developed based mostly on recent testing results and clearly indicates that paying shut attention to cement and SCM particle size distributions (PSDs) and also the corresponding packing density of the combined ingredients will permit for an optimization of the cement and SCMs in concrete. This framework has been developed on the premise of many freelance laboratory studies and can be adapted as a basis for evaluating and optimizing any combination of cement and SCMs. The suggests that to produce cement/SCM blends with the optimized PSDs with existing equipment configurations are also explored.

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Maximizing SCM Content of Blended Cements - 4.6 out of 5 based on 54 votes

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