Contour-Mode Ring-Shaped AlN Microresonator on Si and Feasibility of Its Application in Series-Resonant Converter


Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) resonators on Si have the potential to interchange the discrete passive components in a very power converter. The main intention of this paper is to present a ring-shaped aluminum nitride (AlN) piezoelectric microresonator which will be used as an energy-transferring device to replace inductors/capacitors in low-power resonant converters for biomedical applications. Finite-part simulation results have been provided, showing the mode of vibration at resonant frequency. The zero-voltage switching (ZVS) condition for a series-resonant converter incorporating the proposed MEMS resonator has been presented analytically and verified through experiment. This ZVS condition will be found in terms of the equivalent circuit parameters of the resonator. To the data of the authors, ZVS analysis primarily based on the equivalent electrical circuit model of the skinny piezoelectric film resonators has not however been reported in the literature. A CMOS-compatible fabrication process has been proposed and implemented. Additionally, the fabricated devices have been characterised and experimental results are included during this paper. The first contour-mode AlN MEMS resonator with moderately low resonant frequency and motional resistance is reported during this paper with measured resonant frequency and motional resistance of 87.28 MHz and 36.728 Ω, respectively.

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