Multipoint Haptic Mediator Interface for Robotic Teleoperation


Despite recent advances in artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics, teleoperation can provide distinct benefits in applications requiring real-time human judgement and intuition. However, as robotic systems are increasingly becoming sophisticated and are performing more complex tasks, realizing these benefits requires new approaches to teleoperation. This paper introduces a novel haptic mediator interface for teleoperating mobile robotic platforms that have a variety of manipulators and functions. Identical master–slave bilateral teleoperation of the robotic manipulators is achieved by representing them in virtual reality and by allowing the operator to interact with them using a multipoint haptic device. The operator is also able to command motions to the mobile platform by using a novel haptic interaction metaphor rather than a separate dedicated input device. The presented interaction techniques enable the operator to perform a wide range of control functions and achieve functionality similar to that of conventional teleoperation schemes that use a single haptic interface. The mediator interface is presented, and important considerations such as workspace mapping and scaling are discussed.

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