Temperature Control for Nano-Scale Films by Spatially-Separated Atomic Layer Deposition Based on Generalized Predictive Control


This paper established a closed-loop temperature control system for a spatially-separated atomic layer deposition (S-ALD) reactor using generalized predictive control (GPC) algorithm. The GPC-based closed-loop management system rapidly and exactly stabilized the reactor temperature in the presence of thermal field disturbances. Compared with the proportion-integration differentiation (PID) control commonly used for S-ALD, the closed-loop GPC system attenuated reaction temperature oscillations when producing two-element nano-scale thin films. Furthermore, the proposed GPC system demonstrated the prevalence in multi-component nano-laminates depositing efficiency by reducing the settling time with a substrate moving between different reactors. Electrical and optical properties of films verified the feasibility of the proposed GPC system. Finally, experimental results presented that the microstructure of the deposited ALD nanometer thin film was improved with the developed GPC system, compared with the PID strategy.

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