Patient-Specific Cortical Electrodes for Sulcal and Gyral Implantation


Purpose: Noninvasive localization of bound brain functions might be mapped on a millimetre level. However, the interelectrode spacing of common clinical brain surface electrodes still remains around 10 mm. Here, we tend to gift details on development of electrodes for attaining higher quality electrocorticographic signals for use in practical brain mapping and brain–machine interface (BMI) technologies. Ways: We have a tendency to used platinum-plate-electrodes of one-mm diameter to produce sheet electrodes after the creation of individualized molds employing a 3-D printer and a press system that sandwiched the electrodes between personalised silicone sheets. Results: We tend to created arrays to suit the surface curvature of the brain and within the central sulcus, with interelectrode distances of two.5 mm (a density of sixteen times previous commonplace types). Rat experiments undertaken indicated no long term toxicity. We have a tendency to were additionally able to custom design, rapidly manufacture, safely implant, and ensure the efficacy of personalised electrodes, including the capability to realize meaningful high-gamma-band data in an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patient. Conclusion: We have a tendency to developed cortical sheet electrodes with a high-spatial resolution, tailor-made to match a personal's brain. Significance: This sheet electrode could contribute to the upper performance of BMI's.

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