Variable Optical Delay Line Using Discrete Harmonic Oscillation in Waveguide Lattices


This paper proposes a variable optical delay line based mostly on the discrete harmonic oscillation in the waveguide lattice with a quadratic distribution of coupling coefficients. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation have shown that the device design can achieve a time delay of up to 10 ns, with the resolution of 0.five ns, and the 3-dB bandwidth over the whole C-band. It allows a data packet of up to 17 bits at the rate of a hundred Gb/s. In this design, the propagation path is folded by up to five times (or ten times for the one-port style). Compared with the traditional fiber-delay-line buffer, this design contains a small footprint (regarding ten mm × 0.5 mm). A cluster of them will be paralleled and cascaded inside a little area (e.g., twenty copies into 1 cm2) as enabled by the microfabrication. With any optimization, this design incorporates a potential for interconnecting and signal processing applications in optical communications and computing.

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