High-Bandwidth Control of Nanopositioning Stages via an Inner-Loop Delayed Position Feedback


This paper presents a completely unique high-bandwidth control approach for piezo-actuated nanopositioning stages. A delayed position feedback (DPF) controller is 1st developed in the inner loop to damp the resonant mode of piezo-actuated stages. A generalized Runge-Kutta method (GRKM) is proposed to see the parameters of the DPF controller with pole placement. The benefit of the DPF for active damping is its easy structure and easy implementation. Then, a high-gain proportional-integral (PI) controller is meant within the outer loop to house the hysteresis nonlinearity, disturbance and modeling errors. The steadiness of the control system is analyzed via a graphical methodology. Finally, experiments are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed approach in terms of tracking accuracy at high speed as compared to the PI controller.

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