Improvement of Silicon Nanotweezers Sensitivity for Mechanical Characterization of Biomolecules Using Closed-Loop Control


During this paper, we show that closed-loop control will be advantageously used for the characterization of mechanical properties of biomolecules using silicon nanotweezers (SNT). SNT have already been utilized in open-loop mode for the characterization of mechanical properties of DNA molecules. Up to now, such an approach allows the detection of stiffness variations admire about fifteen DNA molecules. Here, it is shown that this resolution is inversely proportional to the resonance frequency of the entire system which real-time feedback control with state observer will drastically improve the performances of the tweezers used as biosensors. Such improvement is experimentally validated in the case of the manipulation of fibronectin molecules. The results are promising for the accurate characterization of biopolymers like DNA molecules.

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