Online Cost-Sharing Mechanism Design for Demand-Responsive Transport Systems


Demand-responsive transport (DRT) systems offer versatile transport services for passengers who request door-to-door rides in shared-ride mode while not fastened routes and schedules. DRT systems face interesting coordination challenges. For instance, one has to style price-sharing mechanisms for providing fare quotes to potential passengers therefore that each one passengers are treated fairly. The main issue is how the operating prices of the DRT system should be shared among the passengers (provided that totally different passengers cause totally different amounts of inconvenience to the opposite passengers), taking into consideration that DRT systems should give fare quotes instantaneously without knowing future ride request submissions. We have a tendency to determine properties of cost-sharing mechanisms that build DRT systems enticing to each the transport providers and passengers, specifically online fairness, immediate response, individual rationality, budget balance, and ex-post incentive compatibility. We have a tendency to propose a novel value-sharing mechanism, that is called Proportional On-line Value Sharing (POCS), which provides passengers with upper bounds on their fares immediately after their ride request submissions despite missing information of future ride request submissions, permitting them to just accept their fare quotes or drop out. We have a tendency to examine how POCS satisfies these properties in theory and computational experiments.

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