Continuous and Transparent User Identity Verification for Secure Internet Services


Session management in distributed Internet services is historically based on username and password, express logouts and mechanisms of user session expiration using classic timeouts. Rising biometric solutions permit substituting username and password with biometric data throughout session establishment, however in such an approach still one verification is deemed sufficient, and also the identity of a user is taken into account immutable throughout the whole session. Additionally, the length of the session timeout might impact on the usability of the service and consequent client satisfaction. This paper explores promising alternatives offered by applying biometrics within the management of sessions. A secure protocol is defined for perpetual authentication through continuous user verification. The protocol determines adaptive timeouts primarily based on the standard, frequency and type of biometric data transparently acquired from the user. The purposeful behavior of the protocol is illustrated through Matlab simulations, while model-based quantitative analysis is disbursed to assess the ability of the protocol to distinction security attacks exercised by different kinds of attackers. Finally, the present prototype for PCs and Android smartphones is discussed.

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