Expected Savings Using Loss-Minimizing Flux on IM Drives—Part I: Optimum Flux and Power Savings for Minimum Losses


The operation of variable-speed ac drives with loss-minimizing flux methods will turn out necessary energy savings while not the need of any investment. This paper proposes algorithms for the evaluation of loss motor components and therefore the flux level that produces the minimum-loss operating condition, covering the entire constant-torque operating region. Each scalar and vector drives are thought of, although it's found that the operation of scalar- and vector-controlled drives with optimum flux (or -axis current) provides terribly similar results for the identical operating points. Evaluation is completed using four induction motors of 4, 11, fifty five, and a hundred and ten kW. Results ensure that necessary savings can be achieved, especially in applications where motors operate with high speed and low to moderate load torque. Results will be utilized in a follow-up paper to evaluate the expected savings of the use of those strategies in an exceedingly pulp mill and in a very paper mill.

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