New Model and Open Tools for Real Testing of QoE in Mobile Broadband Services and the Transport Protocol Impact: The Operator's Approach


Real life knowledge from 3 Mobile Operators has been used to successfully test a new Model of Quality of Experience (QoE) in Broadband Services. The Platform utilized is based on Open Source Tools and it generates Key Quality Indicators (KQI) simulating the ultimate user's perception of the service. The detailed characterization of: a) the consolidated usage profile, b) the transport and application protocols and c) the final service, are the main elements of the model that complement the standard network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This work conjointly studies how different association-oriented transport protocols affect the QoE. This provides the operator with an objective comparison of the impact the different protocols have on the QoE metric. The final results are representative KQIs that permit indirect measurements of real life services and service behavior prediction underneath simulated eventualities. The set of KQIs varies relying upon the market segments and the particular services that each Mobile Operator offers to its customers. From the Regulator's standpoint, when considering several Operators with the same service, this methodology permits the benchmark of QoE.

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