Device-to-device communication underlaying converged heterogeneous networks


To satisfy the ever increasing wireless service demand, it is effective to form a converged network by utilizing interworking mechanisms, such that the resources of heterogeneous wireless networks will be allotted in an exceedingly coordinated and efficient manner. Despite the potential blessings of a converged network, its performance needs any improvement, especially at cell edges and rural areas where solely one network is on the market. In this article, we investigate a way to leverage device-to-device, D2D, communication to more improve the performance of a converged network that consists of an LTE-A cellular network and IEEE 802.11n WLANs. 3 main technical challenges that complicate resource allocation are identified: allocation of resources capturing various radio access technologies of the networks, selection of users' communication modes for multiple networks to maximise hop and reuse gains, and interference management. To address these challenges, we have a tendency to propose a resource allocation theme that performs mode choice, allocation of WLAN resources, and allocation of LTE-A network resources in 3 different timescales. The resource allocation scheme is semi-distributedly implemented within the underlying converged D2D communication network, and therefore the achievable performance enhancements are demonstrated via simulation results.

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