Optimizing Electric Vehicle Coordination Over a Heterogeneous Mesh Network in a Scaled-Down Smart Grid Testbed


High penetration of renewable energy sources and electrical vehicles (EVs) create power imbalance and congestion in the prevailing power network, and hence causes vital issues in the management and operation. Despite investing huge efforts from the electric utilities, governments, and researchers, sensible grid (SG) is still at the developmental stage to handle those issues. In this regard, a sensible grid testbed (SGT) is fascinating to develop, analyze, and demonstrate numerous novel SG solutions, particularly demand response, real-time pricing, and congestion management. During this paper, a unique SGT is developed during a laboratory by scaling a 250 kVA, 0.four kV real low-voltage distribution feeder right down to 1 kVA, 0.22 kV. Info and communication technology is integrated in the scaled-down network to ascertain real-time monitoring and control. The novelty of the developed testbed is demonstrated by optimizing EV charging coordination realized through the synchronized exchange of monitoring and management packets via an heterogeneous Ethernet-based mesh network.

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