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A Gecko-Inspired Electroadhesive Wall-Climbing Robot

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A Gecko-Inspired Electroadhesive Wall-Climbing Robot


Geckos will climb fast on vertical wall surfaces, whether or not dry or wet, sleek or rough. The principles of a gecko?s attachment skills have been studied in detail, and wall-climbing robots based on the biomimetic adhesion of geckos have been proposed. But, the synthetic dry fibrillar adhesive that mimics the gecko?s adhesive footpad remains beneath development and will not yet achieve as high performances as a gecko. This adhesion method has some disadvantages, like low payload and sensitivity to surface contaminants involving dust. Many studies have been conducted on the bionic design of robots to simulate a gecko?s motion however using alternative adhesive mechanisms instead. By combining the gecko?s motion modes and the precise adhesive mechanisms, various novel wall-climbing robots can be envisioned.

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A Gecko-Inspired Electroadhesive Wall-Climbing Robot - 4.8 out of 5 based on 72 votes

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