Evaluation and Efficiency Comparison of Front End AC-DC Plug-in Hybrid Charger Topologies


As a key component of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) charger system, the front-end ac-dc converter must achieve high efficiency and power density. This paper presents a topology survey evaluating topologies for use in front end ac-dc converters for PHEV battery chargers. The topology survey is focused on several boost power factor corrected converters, which offer high efficiency, high power factor, high density, and low cost. Experimental results are presented and interpreted for five prototype converters, converting universal ac input voltage to 400 V dc. The results demonstrate that the phase shifted semi-bridgeless PFC boost converter is ideally suited for automotive level I residential charging applications in North America, where the typical supply is limited to 120 V and 1.44 kVA or 1.92 kVA. For automotive level II residential charging applications in North America and Europe the bridgeless interleaved PFC boost converter is an ideal topology candidate for typical supplies of 240 V, with power levels of 3.3 kW, 5 kW, and 6.6 kW.

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