The Load as an Energy Asset in a Distributed DC SmartGrid Architecture


DC power systems can be made more reliable by considering the load as an important energy asset. Currently the ability to manage the total system is available only through a centralized controller, which limits flexibility, reconfigurability, and reliability. These limitations can be avoided while still providing system level coordination through the use of distributed controls based on local information. All elements of the power system including source, loads, and the network itself have influence, interaction, and coupling to all other elements. Therefore, it is necessary to model and control a microgrid as a system of systems that share some common aspects, such as voltage levels, but can operate independently. Using local information in the form of the bus voltage, these techniques do not rely on a centralized controller, which improves system reliability. However, it is important to design the microgrid in such a manner as to take advantage of the energy not just from the generation sources, but also the energy stored in the individual points-of-load as well.

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