On Secrecy Capacity of Helper-Assisted Wiretap Channel with an Out-of-Band Link


We have a tendency to think about a physical layer security problem where there is a source, an external helper, a legitimate receiver, and an eavesdropper, every equipped with one antenna. We have a tendency to assume that an extra out-of-band link from the source to the helper is available to boost the transmission security rate. A 2-stage cooperative theme is proposed. The proposed scheme consists of an information sharing stage and a cooperative transmission stage. Specifically, in the information sharing stage the source informs the helper of the signal to be transmitted, whereas within the cooperative transmission stage the source and therefore the helper cooperate to transmit the signal to the legitimate receiver. Below this framework, we tend to verify the optimal weights related to this scheme and examine the secrecy capacity of the helper-assisted wiretap channel. The optimal weight design problem is mostly nonconvex. To deal with this issue, an algorithm involving a 1-dimensional search is developed. On the opposite hand, an analytical lower certain on the secrecy capacity comes. Primarily based on this lower sure, we have a tendency to more analyze the sufficient and necessary condition to ensure a positive secrecy capability and derive the maximal achievable secure degrees of freedom, that are shown to be precisely the same as those of the multi-input single-output (MISO) wiretap channel.

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