Wind turbine signal modelling approach for pulse Doppler radars and applications


Recently, there are great demands on wind farm installations all over the globe. However, it's been well recognised that wind turbines (WTs) might cause severe interferences on radar systems as a result of of their scattering and motional behaviour. During this study, a novel signal model for pulse-Doppler radars (PDRs) that considers time-varying scattering and sophisticated motional characteristics of WTs is introduced. Using the proposed model, some applications together with WT detection, construction of WT detection probability distribution and assessment of the detection performance of a target within the vicinity of a WT are demonstrated. In addition, an analytical and probabilistic model for WT clutter (WTC) is developed with the assistance of the proposed signal model. The signal model, applications and WTC model put forth within this study would be useful in determining the deteriorating WT effects on PDRs before mitigation or different advanced processes to overcome WT effects.

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