2D Finite Rate of Innovation Reconstruction Method for Step Edge and Polygon Signals in the Presence of Noise


The finite rate of innovation (FRI) principle is developed for sampling a class of non-bandlimited signals that have a finite number of degrees of freedom per unit of time, i.e., signals with FRI. This sampling scheme is later extended to three classes of sampling kernels with compact support and applied to the step edge reconstruction problem by treating the image row by row. In this paper, we regard step edges as 2D FRI signals and reconstruct them block by block. The step edge parameters are obtained from the 2D moments of a given image block. Experimentally, our technique can reconstruct the edge more precisely and track the Cramér–Rao bounds (CRBs) closely with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) larger than 4 dB on synthetic step edge images. Experiments on real images show that our proposed method can reconstruct the step edges under practical conditions, i.e., in the presence of various types of noise and using a real sampling kernel. The results on locating the corners of data matrix barcodes using our method also outperform some state-of-the-art barcode decoders.

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