Perfect Reconstruction Two-Channel Wavelet Filter Banks for Graph Structured Data


In this work, we propose the construction of two-channel wavelet filter banks for analyzing functions defined on the vertices of any arbitrary finite weighted undirected graph. These graph based functions are referred to as graph-signals as we build a framework in which many concepts from the classical signal processing domain, such as Fourier decomposition, signal filtering and downsampling can be extended to graph domain. Especially, we observe a spectral folding phenomenon in bipartite graphs which occurs during downsampling of these graphs and produces aliasing in graph signals. This property of bipartite graphs, allows us to design critically sampled two-channel filter banks, and we propose quadrature mirror filters (referred to as graph-QMF) for bipartite graph which cancel aliasing and lead to perfect reconstruction. For arbitrary graphs we present a bipartite subgraph decomposition which produces an edge-disjoint collection of bipartite subgraphs. Graph-QMFs are then constructed on each bipartite subgraph leading to “multi-dimensional” separable wavelet filter banks on graphs. Our proposed filter banks are critically sampled and we state necessary and sufficient conditions for orthogonality, aliasing cancellation and perfect reconstruction. The filter banks are realized by Chebychev polynomial approximations.

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