On MIMO Radar Subarrayed Transmit Beamforming


Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) radar schemes whereby the transmit array is partitioned into subarrays have recently been proposed in the literature to combine advantages of phased array and MIMO radar technology. In this work, we utilize this architecture to significantly simplify a transmit procedure in which the covariance matrix across the MIMO radar array is optimized to improve the Cramér-Rao bound (CRB) on target parameter estimation. The MIMO effective array for regular subarrayed transmit apertures is studied, and necessary conditions to obtain a filled effective aperture are presented, which is important for maintaining nonambiguous, low sidelobe beampatterns. The performance of the subarrayed transmit approach is evaluated in terms of the CRB on target parameter estimation, and the optimisation of the beamformer applied to the subarrays to minimize the CRB is considered. The subarrayed transmit scheme is found to have a CRB which is suboptimal to the full diversity transmission, as expected, but is solvable in a small fraction of the time using an iterative beamspace algorithm developed here.

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