Mixed Tunnel-FET/MOSFET Level Shifters: A New Proposal to Extend the Tunnel-FET Application Domain


In this paper, we tend to identify the level shifter (LS) for voltage up-conversion from the ultralow-voltage regime as a key application domain of tunnel FETs (TFETs). We propose a mixed TFET–MOSFET LS design methodology, which exploits the complementary characteristics of TFET and MOSFET devices. Simulation results show that the hybrid LS exhibits superior dynamic performance at the same static power consumption compared with the traditional MOSFET and pure TFET solutions. The advantage of the mixed style with respect to the traditional MOSFET approach is emphasized when lower voltage signals should be up-converted, reaching an improvement of the energy-delay product up to 3 decades. When compared with the total MOSFET design, the mixed TFET–MOSFET solution appears to be less sensitive toward threshold voltage variations in terms of dynamic figures of benefit, at the expense of upper leakage variability. Similar results are obtained for four totally different LS topologies, so indicating that the hybrid TFET–MOSFET approach offers intrinsic blessings in the look of LS for voltage up-conversion from the ultralow-voltage regime compared with the standard MOSFET and pure TFET solutions.

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