Analytical Performance Evaluation of SC-FDMA Systems in the Presence of Frequency and Time Offset


During this paper, we tend to consider one carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) system impaired by frequency instabilities and timing offset. In this method, each time and frequency offsets deteriorate the orthogonality of sub-carriers and generate multi-user interference that degrades the system performance. For fast and economical design of such systems, it's crucial to possess an analytical and correct evaluation of the system performance. However, such closed-type expression for the error rate is out there only for perfectly synchronized SC-FDMA systems in the literature. In reality, the performance of SC-FDMA systems within the presence of your time or frequency offsets has solely been evaluated primarily based on simulations. In this paper, we analytically obtain the symbol error rate (SER) of an SC-FDMA system impaired by time or frequency offsets when knowledge is transmitted over a frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel. Through comparative simulations, we tend to show that our proposed analysis will accurately evaluate the SER performance of SC-FDMA systems in the presence of your time and frequency uncertainties.

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