A Combined Approach of Using an SDBR and a STATCOM to Enhance the Stability of a Wind Farm


This paper presents a methodology to reinforce the soundness of a grid-connected wind farm composed of a fixed-speed wind turbine generator system (WTGS) using a combination of a little series dynamic braking resistor (SDBR) and static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). The SDBR and STATCOM have active and reactive power management talents, respectively, and a mix of these units paves the manner to stabilize well the mounted-speed wind farm. During this paper, a centralized management theme of using an SDBR and a STATCOM along is concentrated, which can be easily integrated with a wind farm. Different types of symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults are thought-about to guage the transient performance of the proposed management theme, applicable to a grid-connected wind farm. The result of a multimass drive train of a fixed-speed WTGS in fault analysis, together with its importance in determining the size of the SDBR to reinforce the transient stability of a wind farm, is investigated. Extensive simulation analyses are performed to see the approximate sizes of both SDBR and STATCOM units. Dynamic analysis is performed using real wind speed knowledge. A salient feature of this work is that the effectiveness of the proposed system to minimize the blade-shaft torsional oscillation of a mounted-speed WTGS is additionally analyzed. Simulation results show that a combination of a tiny SDBR and STATCOM is an efficient suggests that to stabilize the wind farm composed of a mounted-speed WTGS.

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