Detection of Amyloid Beta Fibril Growth by Liposome-Immobilized Micro-Cantilever With NiCr Thin-Film Strain Gauge


A micro-cantilever with thermally stable strain gauge of a NiCr thin film and a self-assembled monolayer was fabricated by surface micromachining. Liposomes, as biosensing molecules, were immobilized on its surface. To forestall evaporation of the water solvent, a reservoir created of polydimethylsiloxane around the micro-cantilever was fabricated and coated with a glass plate. The resistance of the strain gauge will increase with time in the amyloid beta (Aβ) solution, as a result of the cantilever is bent downward caused by interaction between Aβ and liposomes immobilized on the micro-cantilever surface. Moreover, resistance modification depends on the interaction ability of Aβ proteins with liposomes. It's therefore indicated that the fabricated static mode micro-cantilever sensor with immobilized liposomes can be used to detect Aβ proteins.

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