A New Multistatic FMCW Radar Architecture by Over-the-Air Deramping


Frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar is widely adopted solution for low-price, short to medium range sensing applications. However, a multistatic FMCW design appropriate for meeting the low-cost requirement has yet to be developed. This paper introduces a new FMCW radar architecture that implements a completely unique technique of synchronizing nodes in a very multistatic system, referred to as over-the-air deramping (OTAD). The architecture uses a dual-frequency design to simultaneously broadcast an FMCW waveform on a lower frequency channel on to a receiver as a reference synchronization signal, and a higher frequency channel to illuminate the measurement scene. The target echo is deramped in hardware with the synchronization signal. OTAD permits for low-cost multistatic systems with fine vary-resolution, and low peak power and sampling rate needs. Furthermore, the approach avoids issues with direct signal interference. OTAD is shown to be a compelling solution for low-value multistatic radar systems through the experimental measurements employing a newly developed OTAD radar system.

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