Procedures to Determine Inductances of Permanent Magnet Generators


Electrical machines are designed from theoretical ideas and also the proof that their operational characteristics meet the specifications is tested in specialized laboratories using internationally accepted standards. But, whenever permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSG) would like to be tested, global standards become restricted due to the absence of excitation field control in these machines. To judge the performance of huge wind generators, further studies using equivalency testing methodology ought to be performed thus as to minimize the structural limitations of laboratories. These limitations make it tough and difficult to perform the experimental characterization of a nice power permanent magnet synchronous generator, the prototype machine to be used in wind generation. In this work, totally different testing methodologies were evaluated. For determining the inductance characteristics, the current step response of DC voltage methodology was custom-made. The machine response variation in step with the supply frequency and changes in its load was conjointly assessed. Results were validated and compared with the partial use of some customary tests. The machine characterization by testing temperature rise was created using the back-to-back technique, and also the machine yield was tested by the segregation losses technique. The results indicate the feasibility of using the procedures discussed in the current study to characterize the PMSG.

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