A Computationally Efficient PM Power Loss Mapping for Brushless AC PM Machines With Surface-Mounted PM Rotor Construction


This paper describes a computationally economical approach for mapping rotor power loss in permanent magnet (PM) machines. The PM loss mapping methodology mentioned here utilizes a little range of time-step finite-part analyses (FEAs) to work out the parameters of a purposeful representation of loss variation with speed (frequency) and stator current and is meant for a speedy analysis of machine performance over the entire torque–speed envelope. The research focus is placed on field-oriented-controlled brushless AC PM machines with surface-mounted PM rotor construction, although the method could be adapted for other rotor formats. The loss mapping procedure accounts for the axial segmentation of the PM array through the use of the same electrical resistivity of the segmented PM array, which is obtained from three-dimensional (three-D) FEA. The PM loss can be accurately mapped across the total operational envelope, together with the field-weakened mode, through a single three-D and four two-dimensional time-step FEAs. The proposed methodology is validated on an eighteen-slot sixteen-pole surface-mounted brushless AC PM machine design. The loss mapping procedure results closely accept as true with the computationally demanding different of direct 3-D finite-component prediction of the PM power loss undertaken at each of the machine's operating points.

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