An Inner Rotor Flux-Modulated Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Low-Speed High-Torque Applications


Applications for low-speed high-torque machines embrace marine propulsion and wind power generation. Since electric machinery size is more directly connected to required torque than to required power, high required torque results in large machines. Mechanical gears increase the speed and lower the specified torque of the machine to cut back size. This, however, leads to increased noise and maintenance, and decreased reliability. Magnetic gears provide the advantages of mechanical gears while not the disadvantages created by physical contact. Integrating magnetic gears into the machine structure offers additional mass savings. This study proposes a completely unique machine design, that integrates magnetic gearing and a permanent magnet synchronous machine to form an inner rotor flux-modulated permanent magnet synchronous machine. Not like previous arrangements, the proposed machine utilizes a more fascinating inner rotor configuration and avoids multiple magnet arrays. This study presents a finite-element-primarily based style model of the proposed machine to be utilised in an optimization-based mostly design environment. A multiobjective design study is presented for a laboratory scale application. The resulting tradeoff between mass and loss is compared with that of a permanent magnet synchronous machine for the identical application.

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