Mathematical model of grid-connected inverter system in weak grid


Impedance-based analysis is widely used to review the grid-connected inverter system during a weak grid. The advantage of the analysis is that while not knowing the accurate parameters of an inverter, its equivalent output impedance will be obtained by specific methods (e.g. the precise harmonic injection methodology) to investigate the system's stability. But, using Zgrid/Zinv to represent the part margin (Pm) of the system is inaccurate. A a lot of complete mathematical model of the grid-connected inverter system in a weak grid is proposed, which contains the grid impedance and also the load at the point of common coupling being neglected in the traditional model. Then, the error of the Pm from the impedance-based mostly analysis is proved well in theory that indicates that the Pm of the analysis can hardly replicate the important state of the grid-connected system. Simulations validate the theoretical analysis.

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