3-D FDTD Simulation of the Lightning-Induced Waves on Overhead Lines Considering the Vertically Stratified Ground


During this paper, we have employed the 3-D finite-distinction time-domain technique to investigate the influence of the vertically stratified conducting ground (mixed path) on the lightning-induced voltages of the overhead line at sixty and two hundred m from the lightning strike purpose by using decomposing methodology. So as to research the effect range caused by mixed path, we assumed that the mixed path has a lot of completely different conductivities with 100:one ratio. When the conductivity near the strike point ( S/m) is larger than that close to the overhead line section (0.001 S/m), the induced voltage clearly will increase with the rise of the closest distance from the center of the line to the interface between the 2 media (dl). But, for strike purpose with a less conducting earth (0.001 S/m) than the overhead line section (zero.1 S/m), when dl is less than 30 m, the influence of the stratification ought to be thought of; when dl is larger than thirty m, it can simply be regarded as a homogeneous soil with the conductivity of zero.1 S/m equal to that close to the overhead line. For the smaller ratio of conductivities of the mixed path, its impact on the induced voltages decreases.

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