Conformal SIW H-Plane Horn Antenna on a Conducting Cylinder


This letter presents a conformal wide-band substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) H-plane horn antenna mounted on a large conducting cylinder. The effect of a curved low-profile SIW H-plane horn is examined when it is mounted on a conducting cylinder of varying radius. In order to compensate the deterioration of the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of the H-plane horn antenna, 2 air slots along the perimeters of the flare part of the antenna are cut. With the use of the slots, the matching between the feed line and also the horn antenna is improved and the working frequency bandwidth is broadened simultaneously. Measured VSWR of the fabricated antenna is below two.five from vi.1 GHz to 19 GHz. The antenna conjointly exhibits stable radiation beam over the same frequency range. It is observed that measured results agree well with simulated ones.

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