Stochastically Optimized Fountain-Based Transmissions Over Underwater Acoustic Channels


The unique propagation options of underwater acoustic channels (UACs) and the cruel marine surroundings conditions cause frequent packet losses in knowledge transmissions. The lossy UAC needs a sturdy forward error correction (FEC) scheme to enhance transmission reliability. To this end, we propose a stochastically optimized fountain-based mostly transmission theme to enhance the transmission goodput over UACs. The fountain-primarily based transmission is formulated as a stochastic optimization downside and solved using discrete stochastic approximation (DSA) approach, whose iterations are in accordance with the channel state estimation. We tend to evaluate the performance of our proposal using the recently revealed UAC model. The simulation results show the iterative optimality in terms of goodput and statistic convergence of our proposal. The simulation result with node mobility also shows that our proposal can capture the dynamic changes of UACs.

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