Piezoresistive Strain Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Networks: Contemporary approaches related to electrical conductivity.


Since they were discovered in 1991 [2], CARBON nanotubes (CNTs) have attracted huge attention as a result of of their exceptional properties [1], such as high electrical conductivity, ultrasmall diameter, and giant aspect ratio. In addition, CNTs exhibit vital electromechanical properties [three] that might be useful in applications for piezoresistive-kind sensors like strain gauges, pressure sensors, chemical and biological sensors, microelectronic devices, and structural condition monitoring through strain sensing [4]. Additionally to the application of one CNT in numerous nanoelectromechanical applications, CNT researchers have gradually moved toward potential applications of CNTs as filler candidates in numerous sorts of multifunctional material systems, representing a brand new direction with broad applications [5], [6].

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