The Assignment of Generalized Time Constant for A Non-All-Pole System


This paper discusses the assignment of generalized time constant for a non-all-pole system. The generalized time constant is found to be vital as a result of it simultaneously influences the speed of response, damping (i.e., overshoot), and robustness. For the ease of clarification, a general two-mass system is introduced as a case study, that has one combine of $jomega$-axis zeroes. Underneath an ideal two-parameter management configuration, the precise lower sure of the generalized time constant is decided that ends up in monotonic step responses, whereas a moderate generalized time constant is shown to be fascinating for robustness functions. A modified-Integral–Proportional–Derivative management configuration is then adopted for the implementation of the perfect two-parameter controller. It is found that, in real applications, a particular control configuration and signal delay might conjointly impose limits on the assignment of the generalized time constant and characteristic ratios. Due to the clear physical which means of the polynomial technique, the tradeoff relationship among the speed of response, damping, and robustness can be explicitly represented. This distinctive advantage ends up in a easy controller design procedure. Finally, the theoretical analysis is validated by experimental results.

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