Speed Control of Complementary and Modular Linear Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Motor


To beat the drawbacks of conventional linear flux-switching permanent-magnet (FSPM) motors split directly from the rotary FSPM motor, the topology, operation principle, and static thrust performances of a replacement series of complementary and modular linear FSPM (CMLFSPM) motors with totally different mover/stator pole pitch ratio are investigated. However, the present researches mainly specialize in the principle and static performance of this MLFSPM motor. In this paper, the closed-loop speed control performance of this type of motor based mostly on primary flux-oriented control is investigated. First, the analysis status of linear FSPM motor is introduced. Second, the mathematical model within the $dq$ coordinate and also the control theme of a CMLFSPM motor are presented. Then, the proposed control ways of the CMLFSPM motor are verified by using MATLAB/Simulink. Finally, the experiments on a prototype of the proposed motor are distributed to validate the study of closed-loop speed management.

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