Convergence Analysis and Tuning of a Sliding-Mode Ripple-Correlation MPPT


The event of quick most power point tracking (MPPT) algorithms for photovoltaic (PV) systems with high bandwidth and predictable response to irradiation transients is engaging for mobile applications and installations under fast changing weather. This paper proposes the convergence analysis of a sliding-mode version of the MPPT primarily based on ripple correlation control (RCC). The contribution of this paper could be a dynamic model, useful to derive a group of design tips to tune the sliding-mode RCC-MPPT and achieve a desired dynamic performance under irradiation transients. The analysis relies on sliding management theory and it includes each the chattering phenomena analysis, and a discussion on the consequences of reactive parasitic elements within the PV module. The proposed analysis and design have been validated by MATLAB simulations initial, and then with experimental tests on a thirty five-W panel with a lift converter charging a twenty four-V battery. The results support the effectiveness of the proposed modeling procedure and design tips, showing sensible agreement between the model prediction and therefore the experimental transient response.

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