Time-domain characteristics of the audible noise generated by single corona source under positive voltage


This paper aims to research time-domain characteristics of the audible noise caused by single corona supply under positive corona discharge. The obtained time-domain waveform of the audible noise consisted of a series of bipolar sound pressure pulses. After the background noise was successfully removed, the characteristics of audible noise pulses, like amplitudes of each pulse, pulse rate and apparent length time, were analyzed during this paper. Using the applied voltage and also the onset voltage as variables, empirical formulas were derived from the measured results to predict the heart beat rate and therefore the amplitudes of the pulses. Furthermore, a typical waveform in the form of segmented double exponential function was developed to simulate the audible noise pulse. The rationality of the everyday waveform was confirmed both in time domain and in frequency domain. Finally, some qualitative explanations for the generation of the bipolar pulse waveform of audible noise got. Primarily based on the remaining house charges characteristics, the influences of the applied voltage on the amplitude and pulse rate of the audible noise pulses were studied qualitatively.

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