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Optimal Relay Placement in Two-Hop RF Energy Transfer

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Optimal Relay Placement in Two-Hop RF Energy Transfer


Recently, wireless radio frequency energy transfer (RFET) has emerged as a good technology for prolonging lifetime of the energy-limited wireless sensor networks. However, low RFET efficiency remains a elementary bottleneck in its widespread usage. Multi-hop RF energy transfer (MHET) can improve the RFET efficiency by deploying relay nodes that scavenge the dispersed energy and transfer it to the nearby sensor node. The potency of MHET is strongly influenced by the relay node's placement. To maximise the RFET efficiency for a two-hop state of affairs, in this paper a completely unique optimization model is proposed to work out the optimal relay placement (ORP) on an Euclidean $xmbox-- y$ plane. Nontrivial tradeoff between the energy scavenged at the relay versus the effective energy delivered by the relay to the target node is investigated. Due to the nonconvex and highly nonlinear nature of the optimization drawback, an $alpha$-based branch and certain algorithm has been used. The proposed optimization model is any extended by incorporating distributed beamforming to enhance the RFET potency. Numerical results illustrate that the proposed algorithm provides convergence to the $epsilon$-global optimal answer during a few iterations, and ORP provides important energy saving over arbitrary relay positions for business RF energy harvesting systems.

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Optimal Relay Placement in Two-Hop RF Energy Transfer - 4.8 out of 5 based on 72 votes

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