Drive Cycle Analysis of a Permanent-Magnet Traction Motor Based on Magnetostatic Finite-Element Analysis


This paper introduces a method for the drive cycle performance analysis of a permanent-magnet traction motor based mostly on a fast magnetostatic finite-element analysis (FEA). The flux linkage and torque behavior of the permanent-magnet synchronous machine is studied by a nonlinear magnetostatic FEA as a operate of direct- and quadrature-axis stator current elements. In the analytical machine performance analysis, this combinations manufacturing the required torque and minimizing the losses are determined. The iron loss is calculated with the time-transient FEA at no load. The most stator flux linkage, limited by the battery voltage, is taken into consideration. The drive cycle analysis, based mostly on optimal current part surfaces, is meted out for a traction motor of an electric sports automotive. The results are compared with values measured for the drive cycle on a racetrack.

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