Selective Detection of Hg(II) Over Cd(II) and Pb(II) Ions by DNA Functionalized CNT


This paper describes the selective detection of Hg(II) ions over Cd(II) and Pb(II) ions by DNA functionalized carbon nanotube (DFC) resistive network. The nucleobases, particularly adenine and thymine, that are bound to the nanotubes through $pi $ – $pi $ stacking interactions, have sturdy affinities for Hg(II) ions and bind to the Hg(II) ions at appropriate ligand sites forming a stable chelate advanced. The coordinate ligand-Hg(II) bond possesses higher covalent character than either the ligand-Cd(II) or the ligand-Pb(II) bond. The higher the covalent character of the coordinate bonds within the chelate complex shaped on the DFC network, a lot of is that the e-scattering at the metal-binding sites and so larger is the reduction within the conductance of the DFC network. The amount of covalent character of the metal-ligand bond is measured by the steadiness factor of the complex.

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