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Optimal Harvest-Use-Store Strategy for Energy Harvesting Wireless Systems

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Optimal Harvest-Use-Store Strategy for Energy Harvesting Wireless Systems


Energy harvesting (EH) technology has emerged as a promising energy-supplier to unattended wireless systems. In the commonly used harvest-store-use (HSU) theme, harvested energy is often stored in a very battery before its subsequent use. The existence of storage loss in practical battery systems, however, unavoidably reduces the energy efficiency. In this paper, we have a tendency to therefore propose the employment of a a lot of economical harvest-use-store (HUS) architecture for purpose-to-purpose information transmission, where the harvested energy is prioritized to be used in data transmission whereas its balance/debt is stored in or extracted from the storage device. We have a tendency to derive the optimal energy polices, under the criterion of throughput maximization, for the HUS architecture on static and block fading channels, and investigate the properties of the resulting power allocation pattern. The optimization is finished in the Lagrangian framework, uncovering the special structure of the optimal power pattern and getting a closed-type answer conditioned on the information of the block locations for zero battery level. A dynamic programming (DP) primarily based algorithm is developed for locating such blocks in the optimal power patterns. Numerical results are presented to demonstrate the properties of the proposed HUS design and its superior performance over the present schemes.

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Optimal Harvest-Use-Store Strategy for Energy Harvesting Wireless Systems - 4.8 out of 5 based on 46 votes

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