An Adaptive Analog Circuit for LVDT’s Nanometer Measurement Without Losing Sensitivity and Range


A self-adaptive circuit for the linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) has been developed to boost its nanometer measurement range without loss resolution. By applying a fuzzy-proportional-integral-spinoff controlled programmable gain amplifier array to produce a reference signal, which will modify itself according to LVDT's core position, the conditioning circuit has ensured the signal to analog-to-digital converter varying in an exceedingly very tiny interval over full-scale operating vary. Thus, the sensitivity of the measurement system will be improved while not losing measurement range. The simulation result demonstrated that the proposed circuit has solved the contradiction between resolution and vary, which usually occurs in weak signal detection. Moreover, the signal-to-noise ratio has been ameliorated greatly. Additionally, the DSP-primarily based signal conditioner, that utilizes the self-adaptive circuit, demonstrates the performance of the novel design and nanometer precision is obtained in an exceedingly big selection.

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